What we do

Entertainment Mobile offers a full range of services, and a lot goes into that. We have a fully equipped team of professionals, partners, and developers who work together to ensure that mobile devices are as effective as possible for their users.

Entertainment Mobile has three primary ways it works to help consumers. It offers mobile entertainment development, mobile advertising, and mobile payment services. Clearly our organization specializes in mobile devices, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Mobile devices are the key to the future of innovation and creativity, two elements we believe serve consumers best.


Mobile Payment Services

On top of helping players be amused by their mobile devices, and ensuring they’re getting the best out of them, we wanted to make payment processing easier. Everyone knows how easy it can be to forget to pay a mobile bill, that’s why we’ve developed payment services like direct billing, electronic purses, and premium NFC and SMS content.

Making things easier for the consumer is our top priority, and helping to manage payment services is just one of the ways that we are proud to serve.


Mobile Entertainment Solutions

A huge focus of our work centers around creating and evolving mobile applications. The backbone of mobile devices is applications, so ensuring that those are as creatively and effectively developed as possible goes a long way to helping people enjoy their mobiles. We love ensuring consumers get new and cool apps by helping develop them.

We don’t just stop at development though, we stand by our products and ensure that the word gets out about them. Nothing worse than seeing the potential best-app-in-the-world going unnoticed, and Entertainment Mobile will not let that happen



Entertainment Mobile has a huge advertising focus that centers around using the internet to its fullest advertising potential. We help achieve this advertising by doing research on what people are looking for, what they’re responding to, and how to manage brand reputation in a digital world where information is everywhere. There’s a lot in the Entertainment Mobile toolkit to help assist our partners, and it’s our pleasure to use it.

This helps not only consumers, but also organizations looking to advertise. We recognize good service providers when we see them, and we’d love to help get the word out about your amazing product!

Our company


About us

Here at Entertainment Mobile, we specialize in listening to the consumer and giving them what they want. We work together with a variety of telecommunication operators, consumers, and a pile of middle men (see our partners for more information) to ensure that consumers get what they serve – a top quality product. Our team does its best work when it’s maximizing the potential of mobile phones, and it is our pride and joy to do so.


Our vision

Entertainment Mobile’s vision is to lead the mobile community in innovation and development. To do this, we work with a host of awesome specialists and experts to develop mobile applications, content, and anything we can to ensure consumers are getting the best deal possible out of their mobile devices.

Entertainment Mobile is also a supplier to other organizations, like Mobile Monetization Solutions to ensure that payments are easier to process – and so is connecting with telephone operators. We’re a huge fan of partnering with like-minded organizations so that together we can cover more territory.


Let’s work together

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Our partners

Entertainment Mobile welcomes the opportunity to partner with other awesome organizations. We look for partnerships (and have partnerships) in three primary areas: content providers, technology companies, and mobile operators and consumers themselves.

Our content providers work with our team to ensure they’re developing the best possible applications. This means understanding what’s needed on the market, and finding the developers who are working to fulfill that need.

The goal in working with technology companies is to connect the current dreams of the market with the companies that can make these dreams a reality.

And finally, partnering with mobile operators allows us to have our fingers just a little closer to the pulse of what consumers want and need. We also love helping get the word out about our great mobile operating partners.

Over half the battle in providing the best and being the most innovative is the direct result of connecting the right organizations, and getting the word out about them. Entertainment Mobile is proud to accept partnerships from around the world.



Entertainment Mobile offers a wide range of services including content, entertainment and mobile monetization solutions, specifically designed for top-notch companies of the digital world.



I’m an ideas person, a developer, so I’m always looking for a great business to support my ideas through advertising. Entertainment Mobile really understands the mobile market, and how to get the word out about an app!



I wasn’t sure what an internet advertising agency could do to help me, as I run a local business. Thankfully, I was convinced to give them a try – which led me to find out just how utterly amazing Entertainment Mobile is! My sales have doubled!



I love how informed Entertainment Mobile is about the needs of the market. They make it easy to make the best app possible!



Entertainment Mobile has helped me a lot throughout the years. They’ve connected me with individuals who can help me develop my mobile app, then helped me get the word out about it so it actually sold. I can’t imagine running my business without them!